Consumer Personal Loans

Consumer Personal Loans

Needing a loan? Why not get started today by filling out the Consumer Profile & Net Worth Statement forms and fax them back to us. We will then contact you and discuss your application.

  • Loans for consumer based purchases (vehicles, household goods, holidays, debt consolidations, maximize your RRSP room, you child’s future education)
  • Repayment plans that suit you
  • Competitive interest rates
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Insurance available


What to Bring with you for the appointment.

To qualify for a loan we need to know as much as we can about you. This not only makes the application for a loan much simpler, but enables us to help you structure your finances to best suit your needs.

  • Whoever is applying for the loan.  Yourself and?
  • Current Employment information: where, how long, salary (tax returns)
  • Know your current financial picture: investments, vehicles, real estate, loans, credit cards, and payments

Consumer Profile & Net Worth Statement  


Please note this is a large form (over 25MB) so please be patient when trying to load as it may take some time – depending on your connection speed.

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